SNMP SMI compiler

The PySMI library and tools are designed to parse, verify and transform SNMP SMI MIB modules from their original ASN.1 form into JSON or pysnmp representation.


Source code & Changelog

Project source code is hosted at GitHub. Everyone is welcome to fork and contribute back!

We maintain the detailed log of changes to our software.

Download & Install



The SNMP SMI library software is distributed under 2-clause BSD License.

MIB files archive

The PySMI project maintains a collection of publicly available ASN.1 MIB files collected on the Internet. You are welcome to use this MIBs archive however we can’t guarantee any degree of consistency or reliability when it comes to these MIB modules.

The tool as well as many other utilities based on PySMI are programmed to use this MIB repository for automatic download and dependency resolution.

You can always reconfigure PySMI to use some other remote MIB repository instead or in addition to this one.


In case of questions or troubles using SNMP SMI library, please open up an issue at GitHub or ask at Stack Overflow .